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"The year is 1002097 location: Gangotri, lower himalayas. A lone figure stands guard to the gates of a temple, or what remains of it. All traces of humanity are gone, the temple effigies itself reduced to dust. There are no carvings on the walls so its hard to say whom the temple belonged to. But Polaris does'nt care. She takes out a group of meteoroids hurtling in the direction of the temple by shooting them with her powerful gamma-rey blaster. Her sole purpose is to protect the sanctum from any threats. She gazes upon the empty river basin. Its been more than ten centuries since the last Engineer left but she still remembers it as if it was yesterday.
    Back then her job was to protect not only the temple, but the entire city from extrimists from other religions. "'Religion'.. how can a human kill other human just because their idea of the devine differs from one another ?" a voice whispers in her somewhere. These voices have been occuring a lot lately, corrupted data maybe? she will inform the Engineers when they return, if they return. Two more meteoroid clusters approach. She sends them back to the heavens. Her blaster will never let her down for a million more years to come.

    Polaris remembers when her standard issue rifle was replaced with this giant of a cannon. It was not for fighting against other humans anymore. Calamity came in the form of a big comet, bigger than any other comets recorded in the arstonomical history. And as usual it targeted the iron sheild of the solar system, Jupiter. The icy giant knocked the planet out of the orbit, leaving the inner planets to the mercy of interstellar debris. Suddenly, a million more meteoroids started targeting Earth and the planet was no longer safe for habitat. The rich and the powerful left first, in their lofty shuttles. The common people left a little later in overcrowded ships, half of which came back hurtling down due to mid-air collisions with the ongoing meteoroid onslaught. But Polaris followed her command and no rock or shuttle hit the temple. That day the dome of the sanctum was coloured in black and red.

    "Why should i protect something if the ones who cared about it are long gone", the voices are back. Polaris decides to take a short walk around the temple. She passes by the northern entrance and notices a movement inside the scantum. "Wonder what they kept in there", She is not allowed to enter the scantum, it is againt the protocol. "go in, go in, go in," BOOOM !!! a meteroid lands right in between her and the temple. She is thrown away across the river basin, her blaster even further down stream. She manages to get up and sees that the temple walls are barely holding up. But the ordeal is not over yet. One more meteriod is approaching the scantum. There's nothing Polaris can do now, she had one mission and she has failed it, without which she will have no purpose. "NOOOOOO" She extends her hands in the direction of the approaching rock.

   It takes a moment for her CPU to process what her optical sensors are showing her. What should have been a crater with no signs of any temple, theres a temple, right there, with its collapsed walls and crumbling pillars, the way she has remembered it for the past millennia. And the rock which should have been the end of her service is floating right above it. She waves her hand and the rock falls aside in the river basin, crackling against the cool sand. She walks up the the northers entrance and the figures she saw are gone. She had seen people play tricks with floating pebbles back in the days, people who used to worship the gods inside the temple. But what made her do the same deed, that to one a powerful piece of rock right from the heavens. "Its a miracle", She does'nt argue with the voice this time, how could she. One thing she knows for sure is that she won't be needing her blaster anymore."

Hi !! hope ya'll like the little sci-fi piece up there, worked real hard on it ( for like two hours hehe ) . As for the moc , Tallest Moc so far ! She is based on the first female moc i ever made, by the same name. Its on my deviant web page ( don't check it out tho it embarrassing lol ). The body structure is based on the artworks of :iconduster123: . Hope i nailed it. Comment your thoughs below...
Brutaka Redefined
Well, ya'll know who he is (..hopefully). Brutaka ... the lord of dimenssions !! He carries the title of 'heaviest moc built' now. I wanted to build him a kick-ass blaster to go along with his futuristic armoured look but though some things should not change eh.? Hence the Badass twin blades.. He can weild them as one single blade or as two different swords. Also, pretty proud of his front armour.

Just wanted to do something old school as i was noticing a lot of ccbs in my rescent mocs. I chose brutaka to revamp cause this guy means a lot to me in my hobby of mocing. I got him in the summer of 2008 and it is the first set i distinctly remember building . All sets before that are just vague memories... So the point is its been almost nine years since I last touched that mask of dimensions !! 

Let me know what you think about this amalgum of old and new. comment your thoughts below !
( ..also sorry for any english mistakes i might have made cause my auto correct is not working for some unknown reasons.. )
Security droid designed to guard the royal lunar palace of the Queen of Europa.


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